CSR approach

Laboratoires CEETAL's CSR policy is an integral part of our commitments and our annual action plans to control our environmental footprint, improve the well-being of our employees and increase our performance drivers. This progressive approach is guided by 3 strategic axes:

Our commitment to sustainable development

Societal axis

The social responsibility of CEETAL-CMPC Laboratories is reflected in the management of employee training, which takes the form of an annual training plan following the Annual Appraisal Interview (EAE). A programme is also in place to ensure employee safety at our sites and to reduce the number of accidents in the workplace. It includes regular training and awareness-raising sessions for employees at our production site in Cambes, as well as simulation exercises.

In addition, a plan to promote the diversity of human capital has also been introduced, with the employment of disabled employees and monitoring of the Gender Equality Index (>75%). A chemical risk assessment programme is also underway at our production site.

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Economic axis

With regard to our economic responsibility, a customer satisfaction and loyalty programme has been set up, with customer satisfaction surveys, continuous monitoring of improvements to our customer service, the introduction of a loyalty points system and the possibility for customers to take advantage of promotional offers.

In addition, the quality of deliveries and the carbon footprint of transporters are assessed on a monthly basis. In addition, a supplier improvement programme, involving supplier audits and evaluations, has been introduced, with priority given to suppliers based in mainland France wherever possible.

Environmental axis

Because our business is linked to the chemical industry, the environmental dimension is the most important part of our CSR policy. To this end, we have developed an in-house programme aimed at producing more environmentally-friendly products. This involves taking biodegradability criteria into account and replacing petrochemical raw materials with natural raw materials wherever possible. It also involves the design of biosourced and biodegradable products, the design of products that are not classified as dangerous for the environment, and the integration of eco-design in key areas. All these products are presented in our CSR range.

action pour l'environnement, biodégradable:

In addition, an eco-responsible approach to packaging and its end-of-life has been integrated internally, with the use of as much recycled and recyclable packaging as possible, as well as membership of Adivalor for the recovery of empty/soiled packaging from users in certain areas of activity (wine and dairy industry). The company's CSR department is currently studying the use of recycled packaging.

In addition, a programme to control and/or recover our waste and liquid effluents has also been introduced. We are also organising commercial destocking campaigns for end-of-life products, as well as optimising stock and supply management to limit overstocking.

The environmental responsibility of Laboratoires CEETAL-CMPC also includes a programme designed to control our consumption of energy and water, equipment, raw materials and supplies. We have set up a system for monitoring electricity and water consumption, and train our employees in the field in eco-driving. Other actions are being studied, such as recycling some of the rinsing water used in production, using low-energy light bulbs, and seeking synergies between raw materials to reduce their concentration and thus lower their consumption. In the medium term, a carbon assessment of the production site is also planned.

NB: We had our CSR policy assessed by EcoVadis in August 2022. Following this audit, we were awarded a bronze medal. Our policy will be re-evaluated at the end of the year to measure its progress.

The CSR range from Laboratoires CEETAL

la rse des laboratoires  ceetal-cmpc:

In order to continue to control the impact of our products on the environment and the health of users, Laboratoires CEETAL have developed a CSR range including 4 types of products:

- Ecodetergent: This logo identifies our specialities which comply with the certification programme for ECODETERGENTS AND ECODETERGENTS BASED ON ORGANIC INGREDIENTS. Compliance is checked and certified by Ecocert. The certificate is available here.

- Protect +: This logo is affixed to our specialities that do not have a safety pictogram or human danger phrases. It is a guarantee of respect for the health of users.

- VG Sens: Under this logo we present our specialities containing at least 98% raw materials of natural origin, derived from non-fossil resources.

- AtomVert: Self-declared type II range. A high level of rigour in the choice of raw materials while meeting your technical constraints. We certify that the raw materials used to formulate these specialities meet the following specifications:

  • Not classified as CMR (carcinogenic, mutagenic, reprotoxic) category 1A, 2B or 3
  • No acute toxicity category 1, 2 or 3
  • Not classified as dangerous for the environment categories 1 and 2, excluding essential oils 
  • Non-sensitising, excluding fragrances and allergen-free for fragrances in products intended to come into contact with the skin
  • Prefer natural origins 
  • NTA and phosphate free
  • No solvents derived from ethylene glycol ethers
  • With less than 5% VOCs (volatile organic compounds)
  • For food colourings


Certifications of Laboratoires CEETAL

This commitment to CSR has resulted in a number of certifications:

ISO 9001 (SINCE 1996)

ISO 14001 (SINCE 2004)

Certiphyto (SINCE 2013)

Certibiocide (SINCE 2014)