TERIX 217 equipment cleaner
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TERIX 217 - equipment cleaner

New generation equipment cleaner. Descaler and red stain remover. Chlorine-free. [read more]

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  • Descaler and red stain remover from stainless steel and tanks. To be strongly diluted : very efficient and economical.  
  •  Disolves wine scale (tartaric acid) and removes red stains as well as anthocyanins without caramelization. 
  •  Non-foaming.  
  • Its colour changes when it reaches saturation. 
  • Does not contain chlorine and therefore cannot give any bad taste. 
  •  Does not corrode standard steel, stainless steel, cement, plastic or ceramic. 
  • Very easy to rinse. Reduces at least by 20% the required rinsing water. 
  •  Efficient with hard and soft water.. 
  • Complies with our atomVERT specifications.. 
  •  TERIX 217 can be used on foodstuff surfaces after rinsing. 
  •  Product usable in Organic Farming in accordance with regulations (EU) n° 2018/848 and 2021/1165. ECOCERT control F-32600


  • Removes wine scale (tartaric acid) and wine red stains on stainless steel, epoxy, concrete, cement, wine grapes harvesting equipment and reception equipment (conquets, conveyors, grape crushers, wine presses...) without leaving anthocyanins and without adding peroxide.
  • Cleans and removes red stains from wine pipes without leaving anthocyanins and without adding peroxide.
  • Discoloration and improvement thermal exchanges of coolers, thermolyser, concentrators, thermovinificators, filtres, bottling machine, pumps, centrifuge, plate heat exchanger.
  • Scours heavily soiled floors in reception, vinification and storage  premises.
  • Cleans used bottles...