Our products having the European Ecolabel

The European Eco-label is the only certification scheme of the European Union aimed to help consumers to distinguish greener and more environmentally friendly products. 

Each product must respect very strict and complete specifications.The conformity of validated products follow an audit from the AFAQ/AFNOR.
The attribute label allows to develop products more respectful of the environment and in the meantime guarantee performances less similar to analogous products.

Naturally, this label becomes integrated into our GreenChoice range.

Tous les produits

european ecolabel chemistry ceetal sustainable devlpment european ecolabel chemistry ceetal sustainable devlpment


Antistatic bodywork shampoo & engine cleaner particularly environmental-friendly
Ecological product

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  • Formulated from ingredients rigorously selected for their ecologic and ecotoxicological profile.
  • Its performances are identical to those of a traditional chemical
  • Eliminates static film, gives body work all its shine & leaves a nice perfume.
  • Leaves no marks after rinsing.
  • Inert on rubber, painted metal surfaces and seals under normal usage conditions.
  • Contains a limestone sequestering agent.
  • Completely removes grease, even on engines.
  • For cleaning coachwork on cars, public transport vehicles, automotive equipment, ...
  • For cleaning car and truck engines
  • For cleaning tanks that have transported foodstuffs such as wine, fruit-juice, etc.
  • The product is for food contact surfaces
    • Highly effective on agricultural equipment
    • Inside refrigerated trucks, food transport, etc


Universal grease removing concentrate
For washing up by hand
Man and environment friendly
European Ecolabel

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  • A gel concentrate. Excellent grease remover.
  • Limited affects on aquatic environment
  • Increased biodegradability when compared with a traditional product
  • Dosage adapted to environment-friendly use
  • Guaranteed to be at least as efficient as traditional products
  • Extremely easy to rinse. Leaves no marks when dry
  • Very gentle, totally non-aggressive on hands, paint-work, glass, aluminium, etc..., when used with the doses recommended.
  • Guaranteed to be free of quaternary ammonium compound and phosphate.
  • Perfect for washing up by hand
  • Neutral degreasing cleaner for the foodstuffs industry: butchers' shops, delikatessens, dairies, cheese shops and industrial breeding units.
  • For washing floors - walls - tiling - toilets - windows


Universal cleanser for street cleaning

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  • Dissolves most greases and hydrocarbons.
  • Extra efficient
  • Controlled foam level for making visual checks when cleaning
  • Acts by saponifying, emulsifying and dissolving at the same time.
  • Highly concentrated, it can be mixed in water in any proportions.
  • For cleaning streets, urban floor surfaces, forecourts, industrial flooring, storage depots.
  • In town halls, community buildings, industry.
  • Ideal for dustbin storage rooms,


Non-foaming multi-purpose cleaner
for hard surfaces
European Ecolabel

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  • Dissolves most dirt, grime and marks to be found on floors.
  • Maximum efficiency.
  • Non-foaming for use in self-washers, floor-washing machines, etc...
  • Efficient on resins used by handball players.
  • Highly concentrated, it can be mixed with water in any proportions.
  • For all surfaces, such as floors, tiling, work surfaces; gymnasium floors, furniture, painted surfaces, ceilings, etc.
  • In public areas, community buildings, industry, sports halls, etc.
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