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ABREUVAL - Greenhouses

Purifies water
Eliminates algae
Prevents from scaling



  • ABREUVAL LIQUID is a strong oxidizing and long-lasting water disinfectant. It quickly decontaminates contaminated water.
  • Its polyvalent action prevents water pipes from being covered in algea, limestone and organic matter where micro-organisms develop.
  • Does not contain chlorine, phenol, formalin, nor quaternary ammonium.
  • Does not corrode steel and plastic when diluted.


  • Algaecide, anti-scale and deodorising treatment for contaminated water, hydraulic conveyors, conditioners, calibrators, circuits, pipes...
  • Treating contaminated recycled water helps to save water and therefore enables better wastewater management.
  • NB : treated water is not intended for human consumption.


Purifies contaminated water
Prevents from algea development and scaling
Easy to use



  • ABREUVAL® TABLETS strong oxidizing and long lasting high germ-killing powers enable to purify and quickly decontaminate water contaminated by bacteria and algae.
  • Thanks to its polyvalent action it prevents drinking water canalization, water-tank from being recovered with algae, scale and organic matters that are ideal infection sources.
  • Does not contain chlorine, phenol, formol and quaternary ammonium.
  • Does not corrode steel or plastic


  • Decontaminating treatment of water for watering as well as any applications in gardening, horticultural, fruit and vegetable growing activities.
  • Hydraulic conveyor, conditioner, calibrator…
  • Contaminated water algaecide, anti-scale and deodorising treatment.
  • The treatment of recycled contaminated water enables water savings and as a result a better sewage management.

Nota : treated water is not intended for human consumption.

AGRIGERM 1510 - Greenhouses

Powerful disinfectant
Special Greenhouses, vegetable and Fruit farms
BIOCIDE classified 2-3-4

 all products
 all products


  • Very wide spectrum disinfectant : bactericidal, fungicidal, virucidal
  • Acts quickly.
  • Efficient in the presence of hard water.
  • Efficient at very low dilutions.
  • Can be used by thermofogging.


  • Fruit/vegetable farms...
  • Greenhouses, tunnels, irrigated fields...
  • Fridges.
  • Conservation room with controlled atmosphere during vacuum period.
  • Structure disinfection, nets, tarpaulin, tables/floor covers.
  • Harvesting equipment, plates, containers...
  • Fruit harvesting/cutting/calibrating equipment by spraying or soaking.

AGROXYDE II - Greenhouses

Powerful alternative disinfectant
Special greenhouses, vegetable and fruit farms
Suitable for foliar watering

 full range
 full range


  • Very wide spectrum disinfectant.
  • Does not let residue on surfaces. 
  • Acts quickly. Anti-scaling properties.
  • Efficient in the presence of hard water. 
  • No toxicity for the environment: degrades into water, acetic acid and oxygen.
  • Efficient at very low dilutions.
  • Thermonebulisable
  • Ideal for cleaning and grid disinfection, with our TERIX NM Plus.


  • AGROXYDE II is a disinfectant for general uses which can be used for disinfection of premises, equipments and structures in :
    • Fruit/vegetable farms...
    • Greenhouses, tunnels, irrigated fields...
    • Fridges and cold rooms during sanitary period.
    • Structure disinfection, nets, tarpaulin, tables/floor covers.
    • Drop by drop circuit.
    • Harvesting equipment, plates, recipients...
    • Fruit harvesting/cutting/calibrating equipment by spraying or soaking.
    • Field culture : irrigation circuits, seeding/harvesting equipment...
    • Nipples system disinfection during sanitary period. 


Greenhouses product
Water acidifier
Non foaming - Very acidic



  • Water acidifier and purifier : very economical and efficent.
  • Avoid bacteria and harmul algea development : good sanitary prevention.
  • Anti-scale action in water circuit, nipples, sprinklers.
  • ph reduction of watering treatment water : facilitate phytosanitary solution absorption and improves their action.
  • Reduces bicarbonate rate in floors, helps to reduce rooting system stress and improve water and fertiliser absorbption.
  • Provides sulfide in the form of sulphate.
  • Used continual, avoid dropers croking.
  • Improve considerably pH regularity : no brutal rise or drop as with another acidify.
  • Avoid  marks of mineral residue on foliage in spraying.


  • Fruit, vegetable farms...
  • Greenhouses, tunnels, irrigated fields...
  • Drop by drop circuit.
  • Foliar watering (just if pH is superior at 6,5).

SEPTYSAN SR - Greenhouses

Bactericidal and fungicidal product
For surface disinfection
Without rinsing
Biocidal product type 2 and 4



  • Evaporates very quickly : to be used everywhere the water consumption is prohibited. No need to rinse !
  • Bactericidal and fungicidal (Norms NF EN 1650 & NF EN 1276),
    Pseudomonas aeruginosa Escherichia coli Staphylococcus aureus
    Enteroccocus hirae Aspergillus niger Candida albicans
  • In accordance to the regulation related to proceed and products used for the cleaning of the equipments and objects destinated to come in contact with food and beverage for human and animal use.
  • Product of plant origin at more than 95%.
  • Suitable for organic farming according to the European Union regulation 2092/91/EC modified on 24/06/1991.
  • Sprayed very easily on cutting tools to avoid oxidization.
  • Reinforce prophylactics mesures in culture.


  • General surfaces and equipment disinfection in greenhouses : boots, apron, small equipment, packers, weighting machines, work table, conditioner, carver, calibrator, cutting tools, secateurs, and reservoir knife...
  • Weels trolley disinfection at the passage in workshops.
  • For the disinfection of surfaces which must'nt be recontaminated (during rinse) with a bacteriological water not too much sure.

TERIX NM PLUS - Greenhouses

Very powerful cleaner
Special for pipes and drop by drop sytems
Very alkaline



  • Removes organic matters, biofilm and fertilizer residues in pipes
  • Can be used together with our disinfectant Agroxyde II (see protocol): saves times and improves efficiency.
  • Non foaming.
  • Do not contain chlorine : does not alter metal.
  • Does not alter ordinary steel, stainless steel, cement, plastic, ceramic.
  • Easy to rinse.
  • Can be used on foodstuff surfaces after rinsing.
  • Complies  with  the  European  Union  standards  for  organic  production  (834/2007/EC  and  889/2008/EC).
  • More efficient than acid/alcaline cleaning when used together with our TERIX NM PLUS according to our application procedure.


  • Great for pipes and drop by drop system cleaning :
    • Fruit, vegetable farms
    • Greenhouses...

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