AGRIGERM 1510 effective

African swine fever (ASF) is an animal disease that affects pigs, but also wild boars.

ASF is a viral disease, the agent of which is Asfivirus, a large double-DNA virus. It causes hemorrhages in domestic pigs with a high mortality rate (often close to 100%).

A few dozen hours are enough to kill the animal. In all other species and subspecies, the virus causes no apparent disease.

The virus does not threaten human health, but is highly lethal to pigs. A single detection in one country may justify bans on exporting to other countries.

In 2018, African swine fever was detected in several countries in Europe (Romania, Belgium) but also in China where more than 20000 animals were slaughtered. There is a very high risk that the epidemic will spread to other countries in Europe and Asia.

For the moment, there is no vaccine, and at least ten years of research will be needed to achieve it.

The ASF virus is spread by simple contact between an infected animal and a healthy animal, pig or wild boar. But also indirectly through contaminated food or soiled objects: boots, clothes, vehicles, agricultural equipment, etc.

To inactivate the virus in food, it takes about 120 days of curing or cooking for at least thirty minutes at over 70°C. These standards must be respected to the letter, which is unfortunately not the case everywhere.

For other modes of contamination, there is no choice but to apply strict biosecurity measures:

- Massively eliminate wild boar in infested areas to prevent contact with domestic pigs.

- set up a safety perimeter around livestock buildings, with foot dip and wheels dip equipped with disinfectant,

- put in place drastic measures to disinfect vehicles, buildings, equipment, livestock equipment, boots, ....

Our disinfectant AGRIGERM 1510 was tested on the African swine fever virus in May 2018 according to the latest version of the European standard EN 14675, and under restrictive conditions: at 10 ° C, in 30 minutes, in the presence of hard water and 3g / l of bovine albumin, to simulate field conditions.

It is effective diluted by 1.00%.

Used under the conditions prescribed by our technicians (on previously cleaned surfaces, properly diluted), it is a certainty to destroy the virus on the surface.

It perfectly accompanies all other measures of the biosafety program.

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