ABREUVAL - Greenhouses

Purifies water Eliminates algae Prevents from scaling BIOCIDE PT 2

ABREUVAL - Greenhouses


  • ABREUVAL LIQUID is a strong oxidizing and long-lasting water disinfectant. It quickly decontaminates contaminated water.
  • Its polyvalent action prevents water pipes from being covered in algea, limestone and organic matter where micro-organisms develop.
  • Does not contain chlorine, phenol, formalin, nor quaternary ammonium.
  • Does not corrode steel and plastic when diluted.


  • Algaecide, anti-scale and deodorising treatment for contaminated water, hydraulic conveyors, conditioners, calibrators, circuits, pipes...
  • Treating contaminated recycled water helps to save water and therefore enables better wastewater management.
  • NB : treated water is not intended for human consumption.

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