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LABORATOIRES Ceetal offer you a range of multi-surface disinfectants

With our products, you can clean and disinfect all types of surfaces, maintain your interior and exterior spaces and ensure the hygiene of your staff and animals.


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Multi-Purpose Cleaner
Very powerful degreaser
Ecological product


  • MAJOR BIOVERT is formulated starting from carefully selected ingredients for their ecological and ecotoxicological profile. 
  • It is consistent with the GREEN Atom Charter: product enrolling in sustainable development in order to preserve the human and the environment.
  • Its performances are identical to a conventional chemical product.
  • Very poweful degreaser for all surfaces.
  • Leaves no trace rinsing.
  • Very pleasant fragance
  • Inert on rubber, painted metal surfaces and gaskets, in normal conditions of use.
  • Contains a calcium sequestering agent.


  • For the cleaning of all surface in industries, communities, agrifoodstuffs industry:
    • floors, fat of garage, or any type of tile.
    • Machine frame,...
    • Vehicle bodies, engines,...
    • Product for cleaning, stain removing for seating and carpets.
    • Interior fridge,...
    • Changing rooms and showers,...
    • For take of stickers on the bottles in the vineyard.
  • For the cleaning spray of interior and exterior grain processing.  




  • Highly efficient degreaser.
  • Compatible with all traditional surfaces such as: fabrics, metal, plastic, rubber, laminate, tiles...
  • Very versatile, low foaming.
  • Active in alkaline medium. Stable in hard water. Limestone sequestrant agent.
  • Strong cleaning power on organic soils (proteins, fats,sugar) and mineral soils (fats, oils).
  • Not classified as dangerous when diluted at 9% and above


  • Cleaning of surfaces, small equipment, machine parts, tools, in industries, public bodies, supermarkets, food shops, craftsmen metals, schools (ideal to remove the traces of pencil, fat pencils, black traces on plastic floors in sport rooms)...
  • Floor : On plastic floors, tiling floors, marble, carpet, rubber. Walls/tables any surface
  • For the cleaning of paints.


High performance multi-purpose cleaner
Solvent-based alkaline with anti-corrosion additive.
Use in bath or by spraying


  • Powerful industrial degreaser.
  • Contains anti-corrosion agents for inter-machining protection.
  • Inert to treated substrates, ferrous and non-ferrous metals.
  • Compatible with all conventional substrates such as fabrics, metal, plastic, rubber, laminate, tiles, ...
  • Very versatile use.
  • Active in an alkaline environement
  • Stable in hard water.
  • Limestone sequestering agent.
  • High cleaning power on both organic (proteins, fats, sugar) and mineral (fats, oils) soils.
  • Controlled foam.
  • Complies with the modified decree of 8 September 1999 relating to the processes and products used for cleaning materials and objects intended to come into contact with foodstuffs, products and drinks for human and animal consumption (compulsory rinsing if in contact with food).


  • All degreasing operations in: precision mechanics, factory maintenance services, degreasing before painting, printing, food industries.
  • Can be used as lubrifiant in barrels... or for polishing.
  • On plastic, tile, marble, carpet, skai, rubber floors. Tables/ Walls.
  • For cleaning paints, ...
  • Suitable for washing electrical parts, especially the windings of electric motors and transformers (de-energised, then rinse well and dry before re-commissioning).

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