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Irrigation water


Laboratoires CEETAL offer a range of acidifyer for green houses


 Water treatment for animals is an essential part of a contamination control plan.

Indeed, the pipes are one of the principal media of microorganisms, whether they are carried by water or food. Biofilm constitutes a real protector for these bacteria in which they can grow freely.

Our specialities were elaborated to allow the cleaning of pipelines, the elimination of biofilm and the water clean-up, whether it is in circuit or stored.



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Greenhouses product
Water acidifier
Non foaming - Very acidic



  • Water acidifier and purifier : very economical and efficent.
  • Avoid bacteria and harmul algea development : good sanitary prevention.
  • Anti-scale action in water circuit, nipples, sprinklers.
  • ph reduction of watering treatment water : facilitate phytosanitary solution absorption and improves their action.
  • Reduces bicarbonate rate in floors, helps to reduce rooting system stress and improve water and fertiliser absorbption.
  • Provides sulfide in the form of sulphate.
  • Used continual, avoid dropers croking.
  • Improve considerably pH regularity : no brutal rise or drop as with another acidify.
  • Avoid  marks of mineral residue on foliage in spraying.


  • Fruit, vegetable farms...
  • Greenhouses, tunnels, irrigated fields...
  • Drop by drop circuit.
  • Foliar watering (just if pH is superior at 6,5).

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