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multi-purpose foaming acid cleaner

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  • Multi-purpose : derusting, anti-corrosive treatment, phosphating, descaling,
  • degreasing.
  • Removes scale deposit, mould, soap film and stains.
  • Safe, quick and easy to use.
  • Only one operation for complete rust treatment.
  • Excellent base for painting
  • Very cost effective as it can be highly diluted in water.


  • For the treatment of all oxidized metallic surfaces.
  • Deoxidizing - passivation in only one operation of metallic pieces, tubes, sheets, tools, machines.
  • Passivation for stock of all steel pieces, passivation after sand blasting.
  • Rust removal at milk tank in tiled floors dairies.
  • Rust or safe metal treatment before painting in mechanical engineering.
  • Removal of borax traces during solders, diluted at 28% in water.
  • Canalizations and pipings descaling ; croqueries surfaces or enamelled sheet descaling.
  • Do not treat limestone : marbles and galvanised, silvered, or damped metals.
  • In agribusiness for material and stainless steel surfaces renovation.

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